Efficacy of Bacopa monnieri in the stimulation of dendrite branching and its relation to memory enhancement

Author: Paul Tardner                       Date published: 18/06/2020

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Bacopa monnieri is widely used in natural nootropic supplements. It is variously described as a memory enhancer, a guard against cognitive decline, and a natural palliative for age-related cognitive impairment. Clinical trials have shown that Bacopa monnieri consumption does indeed improve memory function, particularly in older people and those with mild cognitive impairment. Those same studies implicate that specific compounds in Bacopa monnieri called bacosides are responsible for the observed improvements in cognitive function. We posit that those bacosides work primarily by stimulating dendrite branching. We assert that the benefits of Bacopa monnieri supplementation can thus be attributed to this dendritic branching effect.

Keywords: Bacopa monnieri, dendrite, neuron, nootropic, cognition

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