Fladrafinil review

Fladrafinil Review: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosages & Where to Buy

Fladrafinil, also known as CRL-40,941 or fluorafinil, is a derivative of Adrafinil. No doubt all of you already know that Fladrafinil is commonly used as a cognitive enhancer, although it is not intended for this purpose. Like all Modafinil derivatives, Fladrafinil is intended to be used as a wakefulness promoting agent in people with narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder.

Although Fladrafinil is used by many people to ehance cognitive performance, it is far from the most popular form of Modafinil on the market right now. In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to obtain high-quality Fladrafinil from reputable manufacturers, in part because of a decline in demand.

So what does Fladrafinil really do? Is it the best form of Modafinil to take for wakefulness, focus and overall cognitive performance? How does it compare to Modafinil, Armodafinil and Adrafinil?

The only way to answer these questions in to do a detailed review of Fladrafinil, taking the product ourselves and comprehensively examining the pros and cons of the eugeroic.

In this Fladrafinil review, we’ll discuss some of the benefits and risks of this product. However, before you take this supplement, be sure to read this fladrafinil review to get the full picture.

What is Fladrafinil?


Fladrafinil, also known as CRL-40,941, is a medication which belongs to a group of drugs called eugeroics. It was created in the 1970s, around the time modafinil was also developed. It is used to enhance cognitive function. It is not approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Fladrafinil is a derivative adrafinil. However, it is thought to have some distinct characteristics that will be discussed in more detail. It isn’t very popular but some people use it to increase wakefulness, alertness, focus and productivity.

It has also been claimed to be effective in the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness due to sleep disorders like narcolepsy (OSA), shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), and obstructive sleeping apnea. It is unclear if it is effective in this regard, as only a small amount of research has been done or user reviews have been published.

Is Fladrafinil The Best Form of Modafinil?

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Fladrafinil is a highly effective Modafinil analogue. It provides broadly the same benefits as its father compound (Modafinil), although most people find that it starts working far faster than Modafinil, producing peak effects within 90 minutes in most cases. Fladrafinil is also thought to be 3-4 times stronger than Modafinil at peak effect.

So is Fladrafinil a superior form of Modafinil?

We don’t think so.

While Fladrafinil can be said to be stronger than Modafinil, there is no practical difference between the two drugs. Even if it was more powerful, this does not necessarily mean better. Quite the opposite. Modaifnil is already a powerful eugeroic drug and a potent nootropic. You will not necessarily benefit from having the effects heightened or their onset accelerated.

We strongly recommend people wishing to use Modafinil start with a high-quality form of the classic compound such as Modalert.

Modalert 200 Tabs

Modalert is a ultra-pure, high-quality generic version of Modafinil made by Sun Pharma. It is essentially identical to Provigil but you do not need to pay the branded price tag! It is extremely safe – far safer than Fladrafinil – and is generally much easier to handle, especially for first time users.

The benefits of using an ultra-pure Modafinil like Modalert over Fladrafinil include:

  • Much more clinical evidence supporting its benefits and safety
  • Much more widely used than Fladrafinil
  • Modalert is more readily available and often cheaper
  • Modalert is an ultra-pure generic version of Provigil making it one of the purest forms of Modafinil you can buy online

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How does Fladrafinil work?

We don’t know the exact mechanism behind Flandrafinils effects, but researchers believe it may have something to do with dopamine uptake, similar with Modafinil.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in attention, learning and emotional responses. Increasing levels of dopamine can have neuro-enhancing effects.

Fladrafinil’s exact mechanism of action will require further research.

Fladrafinil vs. Modafinil

Modafinil, one of the most widely used cognitive enhancers worldwide, was mentioned. Modafinil is used to improve focus and wakefulness. It’s often prescribed to those suffering from chronic fatigue due to a sleep disorder. These sleep disorders include narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder.

Modafinil can be converted from Adrafinil to an inactive drug once it is metabolized. It has the same effects of Modafinil but it takes longer to metabolize and reach high blood levels. Adrafinil is a brain stimulant that doesn’t cause anxiety or hyperactivity. It promotes balance and wakefulness, and it does not induce anxiety.

Adrafinil must be metabolized by the liver in order to become active. It takes longer to work and requires a higher dose than Fladrafinil. Higher dosages can cause more side effects, and the drug stays longer in the body.

Fladrafinil vs Modafinil

Although clinical trials have not been conducted to prove this, there is some evidence that Fladrafinil may be more potent than Adrafinil. Fladrafinil’s additional fluoride molecule makes it easier for the body to absorb. This is why people who take Fladrafinil start at lower doses, and then gradually increase their dosage until they reach the maximum.

Flmodafinil, another nootropic, has similar effects to Fladrafinil. It is used to increase focus, attention span and cognitive performance. Flmodafinil can be used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Idiopathic hypersomnia and Narcolepsy.

Modafinil and Flmodafinil have a similar structure. However, Flmodafinil differs only in the addition to two fluorogroups that makes it more powerful. We need to see clinical trials to confirm that a higher bioavailability will result in lower doses and fewer side effect.

Fladrafinil and Flmodafinil are similar. Flmodafinil inhibits dopamine uptake. These drugs could help people with addiction because dopamine is an important neurotransmitter in the brain’s reward system. These drugs could be used to treat mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Dopamine plays an important role in these conditions.

Fladrafinil or Flmodafinil are more potent than Modafinil so it is recommended to take lower doses. Fladrafinil users should take a lower dose than Flmodafinil. This is because Fladrafinil has more side effects than Flmodafinil. Fladrafinil has a longer half life, which means it will remain in your body for longer.

Fladrafinil Benefits: Why do people use it?

Fladrafinil is a wakefulness-promoting medication with strong cognitive-enhancing effects. Fladrafinil’s main benefits include improving alertness, focus, depression relief, memory enhancement, and promotion of wakefulness. It can also be used to treat excessive daytime sleepiness due to sleep disorders.

Below is a more detailed explanation of the main Fladrafinil benefits.

Increases wakefulness and alertness

First and foremost, Fladrafinil is a eugeroic. This means it increases wakefulness and alertness without acting as a central nervous system stimulant. Users may also notice an increase in attention, detail, and thoroughness when executing their work. However, these peripheral benefits are largely the result of this primary Fladrafinil benefit; increased wakefulness and reduced mental fatigue.

Fladrafinil is effective in treating excessive daytime sleepiness due to sleep narcolepsy or other sleep disorders. It is routinely prescribed for the treatment of shift work sleep disorder. Users without sleeping disorders will typically find that using any form of Modafinil – including Fladrafinil – allows them to stay wide awake for 12 hours or more.

Boosts Focus

Productivity is built on focus. While alertness is essential, it’s not enough to be able to concentrate or focus on tasks for long enough to make productivity difficult. Fladrafinil is thought to be able to keep users focused for up to 14 hours without any interruptions.

Depression Relief

Fladrafinil reduces or stops the absorption of dopamine (a neurotransmitter known to improve mood) and promotes wakefulness. Fladrafinil also regulates serotonin, which together can bring about happiness and general well-being.

Improve memory

Fladrafinil is thought to increase memory retention. Many users believe it can help to retrieve old memories. It is also believed to be very beneficial to seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s. These claims are not backed up by scientific evidence. To determine how effective the drug is in memory enhancement and its long-term effects, clinical research is necessary.

Promotes Motivation

Dopamine is a feeling-good hormone that can also influence motivation and drive. Fladrafinil increases dopamine levels in the brain, this increasing motivation levels. This ties in neatly with what many people experience when taking Fladrafinil for the first time – improved food and, occassionally, some very mild euphoria.

Fladrafinil claims to be 3-4x stronger than modafinil or adrafinil. However, this claim isn’t supported by scientific evidence .

Fladrafinil vs Adrafinil: How do they compare?

Fladrafinil or Adrafinil? Which is better?

While this supplement is a nootropic, it is different from Adrafinil. Fladrafinil is a derivative of Adrafinil. Like its parent compound, it is an eugeroic, which means it boosts alertness and wakefulness. It is also known as Fluorafinil, or CRL 40941.

Both Adrafinil and Fladrafinil are part of the same drug class and share similar benefits and action mechanisms. Both drugs are not approved by the FDA in the United States. However, Adrafinil has been approved in Australia as a prescription-only drug for the treatment of sleep disroders.

The only real difference between Adrafinil and Fladrafinil is that the former has been studied far more extensively, and both its short-term and long-term effects have been better documented than they have for the latter. Fladrafinil is not covered in as many research papers or findings.

Fladrafinil is the bis(p-fluoro) ring-substituted derivative of adrafinil. This supposedly makes it up to 3 times stronger than the parent compound, which is itself said to be stronger than Modafinil. However, anecdotal evidence for this claim is weak; most people find that Fladrafinil and Adrafinil produce very similar effects.

So really, there is not much difference between Adrafinil and Fladrafinil. Which one you choose really depends on costs and whether you find one of the compounds works better for you.

Fladrafinil vs Flmodafinil

Flmodafinil, a bisfluoro analogue of modafinil, has a physical structure similar to modafinil. Although they may have similar physical properties, the effects on the body could be different.

Flmodafinil’s manufacturers claim it is safer and more effective than modafinil, flmodafinil and Adrafinil, although there are only a few studies to support this claim. The question of Fladrafinil vs Flmodafinil – which one is better overall – is still open. But for now, Fladrafinil is the better option of the two as it has been more thoroughly studied and appears to be at least as safe and effective as Flmodafinil, if not moreso.

That said, we believe those of you who are considering use Fladrafinil or Flmodafinil should consider using other, much more well established and thoroughly tested forms of Modafinil. Our recommended brands to use – for first timers in particular – are Artvigil and Modalert.


Does Fladrafinil work for ADHD?

There are a number of potential side effects of traditional ADHD medications, such as high blood pressure, insomnia, and decreased appetite. But over-the-counter nootropics like Mind Lab Pro can have similar benefits for ADHD without the risk of addiction. These supplements can increase acetylcholine activity, support BDNF function, and boost dopamine production without the risk of addiction. However, they do not deliver the same stimulating force as stimulants.

In addition to its positive effects on wakefulness and alertness, Fladrafinil can also affect the brain’s dopamine levels, which regulate general mental attitude. In other words, it indirectly increases motivation. Despite the fact that some researchers are still exploring its potential effects on ADHD, Fladrafinil is more potent than its related nootropics and is considered safe when taken properly. It is important to remember, however, that it is not a cure for ADHD.

fladrafinil for ADHD

There are some potential side effects of Fladrafinil, but it should not be taken in excess. It increases your mental concentration and focus, which can help you work or study better. Many people take higher doses to improve their mental focus, but the amount of Fladrafinil is too high. As with any medication, it’s best to consult with a doctor if you’re not sure about whether Fladrafinil is right for you.

While it is not a cure for ADHD, it does improve symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity. Students often use it during exams. But this isn’t limited to students. People who want an extra mental edge can take it as well. Researchers conducted studies on the drug in healthy volunteers. They asked them to perform verbal memory tasks and numerical calculations while on the drug. The results showed that adrafinil helped them focus better and reduced impulsivity.

In addition, fladrafinil can interfere with sleep, so it’s best taken in the morning. However, if you work night shifts, you can take it in the evening. This should be a last resort, but for now, it has proven to be a useful treatment for people suffering from ADHD. Just be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any new medications. They will be able to recommend the right dosage for your particular condition.

Fladrafinil Experiences

Before you decide to start using Fladrafinil, it is definitely worth checking out some Fladrafinil experiences and Fladrafinil reviews posted online. Reddit is a good place to start, as is Longecity.

We also recommend taking on board our own experiences using Fladrafinil. Check out the video below to learn about our own Fladrafinil experiences:

Fladrafinil Safety and Dosage

Is Fladrafinil safe? 

Like with most synthetic smart drugs, the safety of Fladrafinil largely depends on how much you take and how long you take it for.

So how much Fladrafinil should you take for minimal side effects?

Fladrafinil comes in capsule and powder forms. However, the former is more popular on the market. Fladrafinil is available in strengths between 30 and 80 mg. It is best to start with a lower dosage and increase the dose if necessary. This is to avoid side effects.

One tablet per day is allowed. You should swallow the entire tablet with plenty of water. You should not take more thanone 80mg tablet in a 24-hour time period. This will almost certainly lead to adverse side effects.

You should also note that administration times may differ depending on the condition being treated. It is best to take the medication early in the morning in order to increase productivity. Taking it later could cause problems with night sleep. It is best to take it 1 hour before the start time of any work shift if you are treating SWSD.

Fladrafinil Side Effects

Fladrafinil side effects

Will Fladrafinil cause side effects?

Generally speaking, Fladrafinil is safe for the vast majority of people and does not tend to cause any side effects whatsoever when used at sensible doses.

But it is important to note that Fladrafinil side effects can occur. Most side effects are mild and go away on their own. They include:

  •  headache
  •  nausea
  •  insomnia
  •  euphoria
  •  stomach upset
  •  noticeable urine odor

Using this drug can cause more serious side effects over the long-term, but they are usually caused by high doses used over many months and years. If you experience any adverse side effects from Fladrafinil, consult your doctor immediately and stop using the nootropic.

Does Fladrafinil cause euphoria?

Fladrafinil likely acts as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. While we are not certain that this is how Modafinil and its analogues work, this is the best explanation we have. But this does not mean that Fladrafinil produces any kind of high. Nor does it mean that Fladrafinil causes euphoria.

Using dopamine reuptake inhibitors does not typically cause euphoria or any kind of high. Using a dopamine reuptake inhibitor like Fladrafinil will, however, improve mood and help prevent depression, apathy and demotivation.

Some users may experience euphoria after taking Fladrafinil; if this happens to you, you likely have some kind of dopamine deficiency or downregulation issue.

Is Fladrafinil hard on the liver?

There is currently no evidence that Fladrafinil, Adrafinil or any Modafinil analogue causes liver damage. No evidence of liver stress has ever been recorded in any clinical trial published on Modafinil or Fladrafinil.

Please remember that we are not doctors and this is not medical advice. Fladrafinil, like all forms of Modafinil, is a prescription medication meant for the treatment of sleep disorders like narcolepsy or sleep apnea. It is not supposed to be used to enhance cognitive performance. 

Where to Buy Fladrafinil Online

Like every other Modafinil analogue and derivative, Fladrafinil is a prescription drug in most countires. This means it is not available for purchase over the counter from a pharmacy unless you have a prescription from a doctor.

However, like most other forms of Modafinil, it is possible to buy Fladrafinil online and have it shipped to your home.

The problem is, it is actually fairly difficult to buy authentic, high quality Fladrafinil online. The market for this drug has been absolutely flooded with fakes in recent years. Compounding this issue is the fact that the highest quality vendors do not stock Fladrafinil in any form (possibly because of the fakes issue).

We therefore recommend sticking to other forms of Modafinil which have much tighter quality control and which are available from reputable, tried and tested vendors.

If you think Fladrafinil could benefit you, we recommend trying either Modalert, Modvigil or Waklert from ModafinilXL.com. Not only are these the best vendor around right now, but they offer unbeatable prices and even a free sample offer for new users.

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