How long does Alpha Brain last?

How long does Alpha Brain last?

As I laid out in my detailed Alpha Brain review, Alpha Brain is far from the potent, cutting-edge nootropic that Onnit makes it out to be.

Overall, the Alpha Brain fomrula lacks teeth, and the use of a proprietary blend full of bogus, unproven, ineffective ingredients makes it extremely poor value for money.

However, the fact remains that Alpha Brain is an extremely popular nootropic supplement. People around the world use Alpha Brain on a daily basis in an attempt to enhance focus, mental clarity, and brain health.

How long does Alpha Brain last

While we think it lacks serious power, we have to say that Alpha Brain probably delivers on its promise to enhance cognition. The huge dose of Alpha-GPC will inevitably improve focus and learning for the vast majority of users.

The question is, how long does Alpha Brain last?

How long can you expect to enjoy benefits from Alpha Brain after you stop taking it?

How long does the ‘kick’ from Alpha Brain last?

Let’s go through the Alpha Brain formula and find out!

How long does Alpha Brain last?

In my experience, the noticeable effects of Alpha Brain last for between two and four hours.

This is typical of a large dose of Alpha-GPC, which is the main active ingredient in Alpha Brain. Cholinergics like Alpha-GPC typically have a palpable ‘kick’; a significant increase in focus, information processing speed and reaction times which lasts for about 2-6 hours depending on the cholinergic used.

But what about the long-term benefits of Alpha Brain?

This nootropic claims to elevate brain function in the short term and to support long-term brain health and functionality. The best nootropics all stimulate long term potentiation (physical brain adaptations).

So how long do the long-term benefits of Alpha Brain last?

Alpha Brain long-term benefits?

In my opinion, Alpha Brain does not deliver any lasting, long-term benefits. This means Alpha Brain will only last as long as you are taking it. When you stop taking it, the benefits stop too!

Alpha Brain doesn’t contain large doses of substances known to stimulate physical adaptations in the brain. For example, some of the best nootropics on the market today provide large doses of Lion’s Mane Mushroom, which stimulates Nerve Growth Factor release.

Unlike the best nootropics on sale today, Alpha Brain is not formulated to support serious potentiation at the level of neurons, and it doesn’t provide a decent, nootropic antioxidant like Maritime Pine Bark.

In Summary: How long does Alpha Brain last?

In my experience with Alpha Brain, the effects of Alpha Brain last from two to four hours. After 6 hours, most of the benefits of Alpha Brain will have subsided.

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