Neuriva Review: Poor nootropic – just TWO ingredients!

Neuriva Review
Neuriva side effects

Product Name: Neuriva

Product Description: Neuriva is a relatively new natural nootropic supplement which claims to deliver total brain optimization. But can this stack deliver total brain enhancement with just two ingredients?

Brand: Schiff Vitamins

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Neuriva is sold as a top tier natural nootropic supplement, but there is no way Schiff Vitamins can justify this claim with the Neuriva formula as it is. This stack gives us just two nootropics. Phosphatidylserine is a great cognitive enhancer, but it has no short-term effects, and 100mg isn’t a spectacular dose. Coffee fruit extract is an unproven, over-hyped gimmick in my opinion. Overall, Neuriva looks like a waste of money.

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Does use some phosphatidylserine which is an effective nootropic


Provides just 100mg of phosphatidylserine

Just two ingredients – VERY LIMITED STACK!

Coffee fruit extract totally unproven by clinical studies


What Is Neuriva?

Neuriva Brain Performance is a relatively new nootropic supplement from Schiff Vitamins; the US-based supplement giant. While Neuriva hasn’t been on sale for very long, it already commands as many monthly searches on Google as more established nootropics like Prevagen.

Neuriva claims to support:

  1. Focus
  2. Memory
  3. Learning
  4. Accuracy
  5. Concentration

Concentration and focus are essentially the same thing, and memory and learning are somewhat related. Even so, the general idea is that Neuriva claims to be a complete brain supplement.

But does Neuriva really work? Is it safe? What ingredients are in Neuriva? How does it compare to the top-rated nootropics in the world right now? Read our detailed Neuriva review and find out! To see our current top rated nootropic, check out our Mind Lab Pro review.

Neuriva Ingredients

What is in Neuriva Brain Performance?

The Schiff Vitamins website doesn’t actually display the Neuriva formula very clearly. To take a proper look at the Neuriva ingredients list, you need to do some digging. Here is the ingredients list as it is shown on the bottle:

Neuriva ingredients

In case that image doesn’t load, here is a list of all Neuriva ingredients and doses:

  • Coffee fruit extract – 100mg
  • Phosphatidylserine – 100mg

That’s it! Just two Neuriva ingredients dosed at 100mg each. This is really surprising given the many benefits Schiff Vitamins promise Neuriva users. The best nootropics on sale right now typically combine 8-12 different ingredients to deliver complete brain optimization. It’s highly unlikely you can achieve the same results with just 200mg!

We’ll now go through each Neuriva ingredient individually, explaining what it is supposedly does, what the scientific evidence says, and what we think of the dose. Please post your questions in the comments section at the end.

Coffee fruit extract – 100mg

Coffee fruit extract is certainly a hot topic in the world of nootropics right now. Its proponents claim that consumption of whole coffee fruit extract promotes the release of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor; a protein which governs the growth and survival of neurons. Some clinical investigations have found that BDNF also acts as a neurotransmitter modulator [1]. Having higher BDNF levels would definitely lead to better cognitive function over the long-term.

Coffee fruit

The problem is that there have not been any independent clinical trials showing significant benefits from coffee fruit extract. All of the studies showing big increases in BDNF from coffee extract that we’ve seen were either sponsored by manufacturers or they used about 10 participants [2]. The Neuriva merchant page doesn’t link to any studies at all, which is very telling in our opinion!

Until we see some hard evidence that 100mg of coffee fruit extract significantly promotes BDNF levels, we’re going to conclude that this Neuriva ingredient is a waste of money!

Phosphatidylserine – 100mg

Phosphatidylserine is an astonishingly powerful nootropic. Often overlooked by cheaper brain supplements (due to its high price and subtle benefits), phosphatidylserine is actually one of our favorite nootropic ingredients, and a vital part of any complete brain-booster.

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid. It is an essential constituent of brain cell membranes. This means that insufficient phosphatidylserine levels will lead to inefficient brain cell maintenance and growth. Clinical trials have demonstrated clearly that phosphatidylserine levels have a direct impact on cognitive function; supplementing with phosphatidylserine leads to enhanced focus and better memory function. We can actually see this playing out as we get older. Our phosphatidylserine levels naturally decline as we age, while supplementing with phosphatidylserine seems to attenuate the worst symptoms of age-related cognitive decline.

phosphatidylserine Neuriva ingredient

Neuriva provides 100mg of phosphatidylserine per serving. This is more than enough to see major improvements in cognitive performance over the long-term, assuming you take Neuriva every day. Our only issue is that, by itself, phosphatidylserine doesn’t pack much of a punch.

What’s the difference between Neuriva and Neuriva Plus?

The only difference between Neuriva Original and Neuriva Plus is the addition of B6, B12, Folic acid, and an extra 100mg of Coffee fruit extract. While folic acid and B12 are vital for supporting normal brain function, they do not make Neuriva Plus meaninfully different in effects from Neuriva Original. The extra coffee fruit extract is a complete waste of time too!

Our verdict: Does Neuriva Brain Performance really work?

After reading all of the wonderful things that Schiff Vitamins claim Neuriva can do, we were genuinely surprised to see the formula – just two ingredients, 200mg in total. At first glance, Neuriva does not look like a high-quality, complete brain supplement. After doing a detailed review of Neuriva’s formula, we found that our first impression was right!

Does Neuriva really do all of the things it promises?

Not a chance.

Phosphatidylserine is a great nootropic. It promotes healthy brain cell formation and maintenance, and guarantees good brain cell cycling. We know from numerous clinical trials that supplementing with phosphatidylserine improves focus and memory function over the long-term. But every high-quality nootropic on sale today provides a similar amount of phosphatidylserine as Neuriva as well as 6-10 other proven cognitive enhancers; substances which usually have a much stronger impact on cognition than phosphatidylserine.

Taking 100mg of phosphatidylserine every day is not a bad idea if you want to optimize long-term brain health and mental performance. But it is never going to give you the kind of enhanced brain function you’re probably looking for – the kind you can achieve with other brain supplements.

Coffee fruit extract is not going to save the day here either. As far as we’re concerned, this ingredient – one half of the Neuriva formula – is unproven as a nootropic. The only studies showing big increases in BDNF from coffee fruit extract consumption either have financial bias or a tiny sample size.

We do not believe that Neuriva can really do all of the things that Schiff Vitamins claim it can.

There is just no way it can match the kind of benefits you get from the leading nootropic stacks today with just two ingredients, especially when one if coffee fruit extract.

If you’re looking for a stack which delivers complete brain optimization, look elsewhere. Phosphatidylserine is a standard ingredient in top nootropics these days, and coffee extract remains unproven. See the review of our current top rated nootropic and you’ll see the difference.

Neuriva Cost: Is it worth the price?

How much does Neuriva cost? Is Neuriva worth the money?

In our opinion, the answer is an unequivocal no!

Neuriva Brain Performance is $32.99 per bottle. Each bottle provides 30 capsules, which means your per day cost for using Neuriva is $1.10.

For 100mg of phosphatidylserine and some coffee bean extract, that is quite expensive.

Neuriva price

To give you some context, some of our top-rated nootropics right now cost around $1.00 per day, and they provide 100mg of phosphatidylserine along with large doses of 6-12 other clinically-validated nootropics.

The Neuriva price-tag just doesn’t seem justifiable to us.

If you think you’ll benefit from Neuriva, then we recommend using a brain supplement which provides the same amount of phosphatidylserine and more, and maybe just drinking more coffee!

How To Take Neuriva

How should you take Neuriva Brain Performance to maximum effect?

For example, can you take Neuriva in the morning?

Yes you can take Neuriva in the morning. To take Neuriva, Schiff Vitamins recommend that you take one capsule daily at bedtime. However, it is not always optimal to take a nootropic at night. Neuriva is best taken in the morning as you want to enjoy its benefits during waking, working hours!

Taking Neuriva at night

So why do Schiff Vitamins recommend taking Neuriva at night? This may be due to the supposed effects of whole coffee fruit extract on BDNF. Your BDNF levels spike during sleep, so the logic may be that whole coffee fruit extract helps this process. Sadly, there’s no evidence this actually works.

Since the only proven nootropic ingredient in Neuriva is phosphatidylserine, and since phosphatidylserine only really has benefits when used long-term, it is advisable to take Neuriva daily for several months.

However, as we explained above, taking Neuriva every day for long periods of time is not a cost-effective way to improve memory, focus and learning, nor is it the best way to guarantee long-term brain health.

How long does Neuriva last?

Like most nootropics, Neuriva bottles last 30 days. Each bottle contains 30 capsules, and the recommended dose of Neuriva is one capsule per day. The benefits of Neuriva’s phosphatidylserine should last long after you stop taking Neuriva.

Neuriva Reviews and Complaints: What are people saying about this nootropic?

What are peope saying about Neuriva Brain Performance?

It is always worth looking at user reviews and complaints before buying a nootropic, or any supplement for that matter.

On the whole, Neuriva reviews are very positive. Most professional nootropics sites nd serious biohackers are at least indifferent to Neuriva. Almost nobody is rating it very poorly.

There doesn’t seem to be many serious complaints from Neuriva users either.

Here is a selection of Neuriva Brain Performance Original & Plus reviews and complaints taken from various places online:

Neuriva Brain Performance Plus reviews

Neuriva Brain Performance complaints

The first two are reviews of Neuriva Brain Performance Plus, and the second two are slightly negative reviews of Neuriva Original.

Neuriva Side Effects: Is it safe?

Is Neuriva Brain Performance dangerous? Is it going to cause side effects?

Unlikely. Neuriva contains just two ingredients: phosphatidylserine and coffee fruit extract. Phosphatidylserine has been extensively studied in numerous clinical trials and has never been found to cause serious side effects (or any notable side effects for that matter). Coffee fruit extract has similarly been studied in clinical conditions and was deemed safe for regular human consumption.

Neuriva side effects

Importantly, both Neuriva ingredients are found in food products that we consume on a regular basis (although in smaller quantities of course).

We see no reason why Neuriva would cause even mild side effects. It should be safe for the vast majority of users, assuming you follow the manufacturers instructions and you do not have any allergies or pre-existing conditions which make it unsafe for you.

Is there caffeine in Neuriva?

As you can see, Neuriva Brain Performance contains whole coffee fruit extract. This has led many people to ask whether or not Neuriva contains any caffeine. This makes sense, since coffee fruit (i.e. coffee beans) naturally contain lots of caffeine.

However, Neuriva itself does not contain a meaningful amount of caffeine. According to Schiff Vitamins, Neuriva Brain Performance’s Whole Coffee Fruit Extract has gone through a decaffeination process. This means Neuriva is essentially free of caffeine, although it will contain minimal amounts as no decaffeinated coffee is 100% caffeine-free.

We are not doctors. This is not medical advice. You must do your own research carefully before using any nootropic, Neuriva included. If you have any concerns about the ingredients in Neuriva, contact the manufacturer directly. If you have any concerns about side effects, talk to a qualified medical doctor.

Neuriva Review Conclusion: Is it a good nootropic?

Is Neuriva Brain Performance a good nootropic?

Not at all. We think Neuriva is an extremely weak, under-powered, over-priced brain supplement. The only reason this nootropic is so popular right now is because it is made by Schiff Vitamins, and as such has a huge marketing campaign behind it.

Judged purely on the formula, Neuriva is a pretty pathetic nootropic by today’s standards.

If you think Neuriva looks like the right nootropic for you, we recommend taking a look at some of our current top rated brain supplements. They not only provide a healthy dose of phosphatidylserine (in some cases more than Neuriva), but also a variety of other effective nootropics which deliver a range of cognitive enhancements.

It is possible to get complete brain optimization and full-spectrum cognitive enhancement, covering focus, memory, mood, energy, and more.

But you cannot get all of these things from Neuriva Brain Performance and its two ingredient, 200mg formula.

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[1] Bathina S, Das UN. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor and its clinical implications. Arch Med Sci. 2015;11(6):1164-1178. doi:10.5114/aoms.2015.56342

[2] Reyes-Izquierdo T, Nemzer B, Shu C, et al. Modulatory effect of coffee fruit extract on plasma levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in healthy subjects. Br J Nutr. 2013;110(3):420-425. doi:10.1017/S0007114512005338

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