Privacy Policy

It is important that you understand who we are and what we do with the (very little) data we collect on our website visitors. To that end, please familiarize yourself with our privacy policy.

Who we are:, which is the original website of the International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology.

Data we collect

We do not collect any data which could be used to personally identify visitors. The only data we collect is that automatically collected for us by Google Analytics. This gives us a very broad overview of the number of visitors our site gets, which pages they visit, what queries they searched for to find our site, and their rough geographic location.

That is all.

We use this data to identify areas of interest for our readers and to improve user experience and site accessibility (as well as monitor search engine rankings).

We do not share this data with any third parties, and we never will. We will certainly never allow this information to be used for commercial gain.

Making comments

When making comments on IJEST, you have the option of including your name, email, and a website URL. We do not use the email addresses you provide for any purpose other than preventing spam abuse of our comment sections. These email addresses are stored by our anti-spam software – this data is only accessible to IJEST site admins, and it will never be used for any other purpose.

We ask that you do not post your full name on the comments section, or any information that could be used to personally identify you. Users that provide personally sensitive information in comments do so at their own risk. That being said, such comments are unlikely to be approved by a moderator.