This archive contains all of the most important papers published by the International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. The papers cover a broad range of subjects, from biotechnology to petrochemical engineering.

  1. Suthar, S. and Singh, S., 2008. Vermicomposting of domestic waste by using two epigeic earthworms (Perionyx excavatus and Perionyx sansibaricus). International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology5(1), pp.99-106. – Full article PDF.
  2. Mostofi, M., Nosrat, A.H. and Pearce, J.M., 2011. Institutional scale operational symbiosis of photovoltaic and cogeneration energy systems. International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology8(1), pp.31-44. – Full article PDF.
  3. Darko, G. and Acquaah, S.O., 2007. Levels of organochlorine pesticides residues in meat. International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology4(4), pp.521-524. – Full article PDF.
  4. Akguc, N., Ozyigit, I., Yasar, U., Leblebici, Z. and Yarci, C., 2010. Use of Pyracantha coccinea Roem. as a possible biomonitor for the selected heavy metals. International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology7(3), pp.427-434. – Full article PDF.
  5. Tehrani, F.M.K., Rashidzadeh, M., Nemati, A., Irandoukht, A. and Faridnia, B., 2011. Characterization and photocatalytic activities of nanosized titanium dioxide thin films. International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology8(3), pp.545-552. – Full article PDF.
  6. Nabulo, G., Oryem Origa, H., Nasinyama, G.W. et al. 2006. Assessment of Zn, Cu, Pb and Ni contamination in wetland soils and plants in the Lake Victoria basin. Int. J. Environ. Sci. Technol. 5, pp.65–74. – Full article PDF.
  7. Ifelebuegu, A. O.; Theophilus, S. C.; Bateman, M. J., (2010). Mechanistic evaluation of the sorption properties of endocrine disrupting
    chemicals in sewage sludge biomass. Int. J. Environ. Sci. Tech., 7(4), pp.617-622. – Full article PDF.
  8. Sharifi, M., Sadeghi, Y. and Akbarpour, M., 2007. Germination and growth of six plant species on contaminated soil with spent oil. International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology4(4), pp.463-470. – Full article PDF.
  9. Raja, C.E. and Selvam, G.S., 2009. Plasmid profile and curing analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa as metal resistant. International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology6(2), pp.259-266. – Full article PDF.
  10. Tardner, P. 2020. Efficacy of Bacopa monnieri in the stimulation of dendrite branching and its relation to memory enhancement. International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology, (online). – Full article PDF.
  11. Okafor, E.C., Opuene, K. 2006. Correlations, partitioning and bioaccumulation of trace metals between different segments of Taylor Creek, southern Nigeria. Int. J. Environ. Sci. Technol. 3, pp.381–389. – Full article PDF.
  12. Sivakumar, D. 2011. A study on contaminant migration of sugarcane effluent through porous soil medium. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 8, pp.593–604. – Full article PDF.
  13. Wuana, R.A., Okieimen, F.E. and Imborvungu, J.A., 2010. Removal of heavy metals from a contaminated soil using organic chelating acids. International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology7(3), pp.485-496. – Full article PDF.
  14. Refaat, A.A., 2011. Biodiesel production using solid metal oxide catalysts. International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology8(1), pp.203-221. – Full article PDF.
  15. Abdel-Ghani, N.T., Hefny, M. and El-Chaghaby, G.A., 2007. Removal of lead from aqueous solution using low cost abundantly available adsorbents. International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology4(1), pp.67-73. – Full article PDF.
  16. Ghasemi, F., Tabandeh, F., Bambai, B. and Rao, K.S., 2010. Decolorization of different azo dyes by Phanerochaete chrysosporium RP78 under optimal condition. International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology7(3), pp.457-464. – Full article PDF.
  17. Tuzkaya, G., Ozgen, A., Ozgen, D. and Tuzkaya, U.R., 2009. Environmental performance evaluation of suppliers: A hybrid fuzzy multi-criteria decision approach. International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology6(3), pp.477-490. – Full article PDF.
  18. Deegan, A.M.Shaik, B.Nolan, K.Urell, K.Oelgemöller, M.Tobin, J., and Morrissey, A. 2011. Treatment options for wastewater effluents from pharmaceutical companies. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 8 (3). 20. pp. 649-666. – Full article PDF.
  19. Abbaspour, M., Javid, A.H., Mirbagheri, S.A., Givi, F.A. and Moghimi, P., 2012. Investigation of lake drying attributed to climate change. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology9(2), pp.257-266. – Full article PDF.

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