Modelling Health & Diseases Across Populations

We create intelligent, dynamic models to help detect, monitor and project the course of health issues in large populations.

Disease modelling

What we do

  • Preparing for, detecting and responding to infectious disease threats

  • Policy and Decision Support

  • Education, Training and Outreach

  • Infectious Disease Modeling Research 

  • Synthetic Populations & Ecosystems

    SPEW is CMU's general algorithm for converting standardized data into synthetic populations.

    Software Development Services

    The SDS uses industry best practices to develop hardened and tested software for MIDAS (Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study).

    High Performance Computing

    Olympus is a flexible, multiple-use compute cluster dedicated to research in the MIDAS community

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    About Chris Fraighten

    Chris Fraighten is a leading biomedical researcher and currently the lead author of the Epimodels blog. He holds qualifications in chemistry, biology and is highly experienced in the fields of quantitative modelling and epidemiology. He brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to the Epimodels blog to bring you insightful, informative and interesting content on the latest advances in the space.

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