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Modalert Review: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosing

Modalert is a synthetic compound that has been developed by the pharmaceutical company Sunovion. It was designed to help people with insomnia as it promotes wakefulness and increases alertness in sleep-deprived individuals. How does it work, what are its effects on your body, and how should you take it? Read this article for more information about Modalert.,

Modalert is a drug that has been around for quite some time. It is known to be a powerful stimulant, but it also comes with side effects and dosing.

You’ll discover all you need to know about Modalert in our detailed Modalert review.

Modalert 200 is now the most popular generic Modafinil brand in the world. You’ll learn all there is to know about Modalert, including how it works, how long it lasts, and much more.

What is Modalert 200?

Let’s start with a definition of Modalert 200 before we get into our Modalert review.

Modalert is, first and foremost, a generic version of Modafinil.

Modafinil is a pharmacological medication that was created in the 1970s by the French pharmaceutical firm Lafon. It’s most often used to treat sleep-wake problems like:

  • Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that causes severe tiredness throughout the day.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleeping breathing disease in which the airways get obstructed.
  • Shift work sleep disorder is a sleeping issue that affects people who work shifts.

In the early 1990s, Lafon introduced Modafinil in France under the brand name ‘Modiodal,’ and it quickly became the company’s flagship product. Modafinil was thereafter distributed across Europe and the rest of the globe under the brand names Vigil, Alertec, and Provigil.

Cephalon, a US company, bought Lafon in 2002 and obtained international rights to Modafinil. When the patent on Modafinil expired in 2015, numerous other businesses began producing generic copies of the medicine, which is where Modalert comes in.

Sun Pharma, the world’s fifth-largest specialized generic pharmaceutical firm, manufactures Modalert, a generic form of Modafinil. Modalert is just a generic form of Provigil.

Modalert uses the R-()- and S-(+)-enantiomers and has the EXACT same active components and chemical structure as Provigil.

The main difference is that, whereas Provigil is exclusively accessible via pharmacies, Modalert is far less expensive, particularly when bought online.

That’s why high-achievers who want to acquire Modafinil online choose Modalert.

Is Modalert the same as Modafinil?

Modalert is not exactly the same as every other kind of Modafinil. Modalert is a branded form of Modafinil made by Sun Pharma. The exact purity, potency and bioavailability of different brands of Modafinil depends on the manufacturing process that produced them. So while Modalert is chemically identical to modafinil in theory, in practice Modafinil brands can have their own idiosyncratic effects.

Is Modalert generic?

Modalert is a generic Modafinil brand. It is a particular form of Modafinil made by Sun Pharma. Modalert is designed to be generic Provigil, which is a very expensive prescription medication (composed of Modafinil) given for the treatment of narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder.

Modalert Benefits: What is it used for?

Modalert eugeroic

What is Modalert used for?

Modalert is widely regarded as the best generic Modafinil currently available. Our members have discovered this to be accurate.

Modalert 200 is the finest generic Modafinil presently available, in our view.

Smart medications, on the other hand, affect people differently. Modvigil, another popular version of generic Modafinil, is preferred by some. However, most nootropics users believe Modalert is superior than Modvigil. Modvigil is often less expensive, more strong, and lasts longer. Below, we’ll go through the differences between the two medicines in further depth.

So, what are the Modalert benefits? The benefits of Modalert are, in fact, identical to Modafinil. The following are the most prevalent advantages [5]:

  • Modalert is a powerful smart drug. A more powerful smart medication has yet to be reviewed. Some say Armodafinil is more powerful, but nothing has helped our team’s mental condition more than Modalert. Modalert 200 should be your first pick if you need significant cognitive enhancements. Strong and potent!
  • Armodafinil provides long-lasting wakefulness, allowing you to work for 8-10 hours. When you need to concentrate for 10-12 hours or more, Modvigil is a good choice. If you want 12-15 hours of wakefulness and productivity, though, Modalert 200 is the way to go. When you take this nootropic, you’ll be up and aware for at least 12 hours [6].
  • Increased Cognition & Productivity: Like every smart drug out there, you’ll find increased cognition and productivity when you take Modalert 200. The stuff is seriously strong and lets you dramatically increase your output. Many users find their daily productivity doubles on days when they take this nootropic [7].
  • Feeling Extremely “High”: Because Modalert is very powerful, you will notice its effects within 30 and 60 minutes after taking it. While other smart medications don’t give you this sensation, we’ve discovered that Modalert 200 gives you a “high” and improves your mood. When you take this kind of generic Modafinil, mundane chores become considerably more fun.
  • Improved Memory Retention: One of the reasons Modalert is so popular among students and public speakers is that it has been demonstrated to improve memory retention [8]. You’ll learn and remember more knowledge while using Modafinil, helping you to achieve your objectives, whether they’re to improve your grades or make more money.

Most people consider Modalert to be the most powerful type of generic Modafinil available. This product is essentially Provigil at a fraction of the cost. When you take this nootropic, you’ll get cognitive boost similar to Provigil!

Modalert Reviews: What are people saying?

So how are people reviewing Modalert? Are the reviews positive or are there a lot of negative Modalert reviews out there?

First of all, it is worth sharing our own experiences with Modalert. Here is a Modalert review from Paul Tardner, our Head Writer and Head of Research:

Modalert is probably my single favorite way to take Modafinil. I have used Modalert dozens of times and I am a huge fan of its consistency; every single time I take it, the effects are the same and it tends to last the same amount of time.

Like most other Modafinil-based drugs I’ve tried, Modalert produces a rapid and significant increase in mental energy, motivation and focus within an hour of taking it. But unlike a lot of other Modafinil products I’ve used, Modalert is really hard-hitting and it has a powerful effect every time, but without ever being overwhelming.

It is also worth checking out some Modalert reviews left by users online. While some of these reviews can be biased or unfair (or outright fakes), they do give you an idea of whether or not Modalert works.

Here are some reviews of Modalert taken from

Modalert reviews

Side Effects of Modalert

There is always the possibility of adverse effects while using nootropics, smart medicines, or medications. When using Modalert, this is especially true.

There is, however, some good news. Modafinil does not produce any serious side effects. It’s a very safe and well-tolerated medication. Military aviators regularly use it to remain awake during lengthy flights, and studies suggest that just around ten percent of people who use it have any negative effects [9].

That being said, it’s still important to be aware of a couple of the most common Side Effects of Modalert. The most common side effects are [10]:

  • Headaches,
  • Anxiety,
  • Dizziness,
  • Infection of the upper respiratory tract,
  • Agitation,
  • Mouth and/or throat dryness
  • Nausea,
  • and diarrhoea
  • Nervousness.

The good news is that very few individuals who use Modalert 200 have any of these negative effects. Dehydration and sleeplessness are the most prevalent symptoms among those who do. Fortunately, you may avoid these problems by following a few basic guidelines.

For starters, Modafinil is an appetite suppressor, so you can forget to eat or drink after taking it. On days that you take this medication, drink at least two liters of water to prevent getting dehydrated.

Second, if Modafinil is interfering with your sleep pattern when you don’t want it to, just take your dosage before 9 a.m. By the evening, the medicine will have left your system and you will be able to fall asleep normally [11].

Modalert’s sole potentially significant adverse effect that you should be aware of is dependency. This is because it raises dopamine levels in the brain. At excessively high dosages, this may lead to addiction.

Fortunately, reports of Modafinil dependence are exceedingly uncommon [12]. However, you must be aware of this problem.

As a result, we suggest only taking Modalert two or three times each week. You should take a thorough two-week sabbatical every two months.

You should have no problems using Modalert if you follow these basic rules.

Where Can I Buy Modalert Online in 2022?

Now that you know a little bit more about Modalert and why it’s so popular, let’s talk about how to obtain some.

Most people will find that getting Modalert 200 online is significantly more convenient than having to obtain a prescription from their doctor.

Buy Modalert 200 online

Modafinil is a prescription-only medication used to treat narcolepsy and other significant diseases such as sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorder in most countries.

You can expect to be asked to participate in an overnight sleep study if you inform your doctor that you’ve been working shifts and are having difficulties sleeping. If you do, the truth will be revealed, and you will have wasted your time.

As a result, shopping online is the way to go. If you’re looking for a place to purchase Modalert online…

Our top suggestion for where to buy Modalert online is Modafinil XL.

Modafinil XL

Modafinil XL is an amazing place to buy Modalert online these days. They do a fantastic job shipping smart drugs all around the world, and they are currently our most recommended Modafinil vendor for all types and brands of Modafinil, including Modalert.

Here are a handful of the traits that distinguish these guys:

  • Detailed Website: Modafinil XL’s website offers an incredible wealth of information regarding smart drugs and which products are best. This is great if you’re new to Modafinil. You can read all about the dest doses and cycles to try and make an informed decision when you buy.
  • Solid Pricing: We’ve found Buy Moda to be slightly cheaper than Modafinil XL overall, especially when buying Modalert. However, Modafinil XL’s prices are extremely competitive. On orders of 100 Modalert pills, both vendors charge exactly the same price – $169 – and both offer free shipping!
  • Quick Shipping: Orders from Modafinil XL often arrive within 6-12 days. This depends on where you’re ordering from. Either way, that’s fast! Standard shipping is free on all orders over $80 and this gets upgraded to free Express shipping on orders over $150.
  • Great Deals: Modafinil XL includes 20 free pills (10 Modafinil pills and 10 Armodafinil pills) with EVERY order. They’ll also give you 20% off if you pay with Bitcoin or crypto. Plus, you’ll also get a $25 coupon for your second order as a return customer.
  • Guaranteed Delivery: You have no risks when ordering Modalert here. Modafinil XL offers guaranteed delivery on all orders. You either get your smart drugs or you get all of your money back.

Overall, buying Modalert from Modafinil XL is certainly recommended. You’ll find great prices and these guys are 100%, as we’ve made multiple orders here myself.

If you’re new to Modafinil and simply want to test some Modalert, Modafinil XL has an unbeatable offer: if you cover the $25 shipping fee, they’ll send you ten free pills to test at absolutely no cost!

This fantastic deal allows you to try some Modalert before choosing whether or not to make a larger buy.

If you want to buy Modalert 200 online, Modafinil XL is strongly recommended!


Is Modalert Legal?

Is Modalert legal to buy over the counter in your country?

You’ll need a prescription to purchase Modafinil from a pharmacy in Western nations, including:

  • Australia
  • USA
  • U.K.

Modafinil, for example, is classified as a Schedule IV substance in the United States [13]. As a result, you’ll need to see a doctor and get a Modafinil prescription before you can legally obtain any. That’s the way things are.

This is the only completely “legal” way to get Modafinil, including generic medications like Modalert. However, many of our readers find this procedure to be quite inconvenient. Many people believe it is impossible.

Why? Because of the way Modafinil is first administered. Modafinil is often exclusively used for narcolepsy and severe sleep apnea. Most physicians will not prescribe Modafinil unless you have one of these illnesses.

As a result, you’ll have no choice except to purchase Modalert online.

Purchasing nootropics via the internet is a legal “grey area” in most countries. Although it isn’t entirely legal, shipments are seldom, if ever, identified or halted.

Most countries simply lack the capacity to prevent Modafinil shipments from India, Singapore, and the United Kingdom from entering the nation.

While it is theoretically unlawful in many Western nations to import Modafinil for personal use without a prescription, there have been no arrests or legal concerns for those who do so. Possession is also not considered a felony since the drug is accessible for purchase at pharmacies and poses little risk of misuse.

The point is this…

Modafinil is completely legal. Modalert may be purchased legally via the internet.

When your shipment is transported to your nation, the very worst thing that may happen is that customs confiscates it. If you purchase Modafinil from one of our approved merchants, you will get a free reshipment or a complete refund. Simple.

Modalert 200 Tabs

When Does Modalert Start Working?

If you’re wondering how long it takes Modalert to function, here’s the answer.

Modafinil usually takes effect rapidly.

Modalert takes just 30-60 minutes for most users to start doing its magic. Some people see the results within only 30 minutes, while the majority do not.

When our team tested Modalert 200, we saw that it took around 60 minutes for the nootropic to kick effect. We discovered that once completely activated, it provided a highly concentrated state that lasted for nearly nine hours. After that, we had another 4-5+ hours of increased attention until the half-life wore out and we were able to sleep.

So, when does Modalert start working?

Modalert starts working within 30-60 minutes, depending on how the smart drug medicine affects your body.

Dosage and Tolerance of Modalert

Dosing Modalert isn’t difficult. It follows the same Modafinil dose guidelines as before.

Modalert comes in 200 mg tablets, much as Provigil, Modiodal, Alertec, or any other brand-name Modafinil medication. This is intentional, since this is a normal Modafinil dosage [14] regardless of brand.

When it comes to Modalert dosage, 200 mg per day is usually suggested. This dosage provides strong, robust nootropic advantages for 12+ hours, according to most users. This is what the majority of users want. Countless hours of enhanced intellect.

There are, however, additional Modalert dose choices available. The following is a complete list of Modalert doses that our team has investigated:

  • 50mg: Modalert 50mg is the minimum dosage that is suggested. You’ll get powerful nootropic advantages for 4-8+ hours with this dose. Depending on your body’s response. You’ll have no trouble sleeping at night. Modalert 50 mg is considered by many nootropics users to be a kind of “microdosing” Modafinil.
  • 100 mg: 100 mg of Modalert is not microdosing. Younger narcolepsy sufferers often get 100 mg Modafinil tablets from their physicians. When taking Modafinil as a smart drug, however, this is not a “normal” dosage. With this dosage of Modalert, you may anticipate cognitive advantages to continue for 8-9 hours.
  • 200mg: This is the normal, standard Modalert dose and the one that most users prefer. Here’s you’ll experience 10-15+ hours of insane cognition and “laser-like” focus. Strongly recommended! You’re almost guaranteed to experience impressive cognitive and productivity benefits at this level. Most users won’t need to go any higher.
  • Although physicians sometimes give this dose to narcolepsy patients, using this much Modalert is not suggested unless you really need to remain up for 24 hours or more. To be honest, the cognitive increase isn’t much more that a typical 200 mg dosage would provide.

If you’re looking for a way to obtain a 50 mg or 100 mg dosage out of a 200 mg tablet, we suggest utilizing a pill cutter. For testing reasons, you may break a regular 200 mg Modalert tablet into smaller 50-100 mg dosages.

The most crucial suggestion we can offer you, regardless of the dosage you take, is…

Take Modalert first thing in the morning!

When you take Modalert in the morning, your body will work through the drug’s half-life, allowing you to fall asleep and obtain a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to Modalert tolerance and dose, there are a few factors to consider. It’s not a good idea to take Modalert every day if you’re using it as a smart medicine.

If you use Modafinil every day for months on end, you’ll notice that it doesn’t provide the same advantages it used to. To get identical results, you’ll need to raise the dosage, which isn’t what we want.

Modalert should be taken just 1-3 times a week.

You’ll never develop a tolerance to Modafinil on this timetable.

According to a number of experts and personal testimonies [15],

“Modafinil does not cause addiction or withdrawal symptoms in many individuals, therefore only a small percentage develop a dependency or tolerance to it.” However, taking big dosages, particularly if they are higher than the recommended dose, has resulted in certain cases of drug tolerance.”

Overall, you’ll be OK if you stick to 100-200 mg of Modalert every day. The majority of people believe that 200 mg of Modalert provides excellent cognitive improvements. You won’t want or need anything else!

Are There Good Alternatives To Modalert?

Are there any alternatives to Modalert? Are there smart drugs or other brands of Modafinil that are more effective or safer than Modalert?

Let’s take a look at how Modalert compares to some of the most popular smart drugs, nootropics and forms of Modafinil on the market.

Modalert vs Modafinil

Modalert is Modafinil. Modalert is simply the purest and arguably the strongest generic form of Modafinil that you can buy over the counter in many countries. For people who do not have a prescription for Modafinil (and who therefore likely use Provigil), Modalert is typically the go-to version of Modafinil.

So if you’re looking to buy Modafinil without a prescription and you simply want a widely-used, pure, effective option, Modalert is probably the way to go.

Modalert vs Adderall

How does Modalert compare to Adderall?

While many people say that Adderall and Modafinil are similar, the differences between these two drugs are far more pronounced than the similarities.

For one thing, Modalert is a eugeroic. This means it promotes wakefulness and alertness (and prevents sleep) without acting as a CNS stimulant. Adderall, by contrast, is an extremely powerful stimulant composed of different salts of amphetamine. While Adderall does increase wakefulness (especially if you don’t have ADHD), but it does so in a completely different way to Modafinil and it produces vastly different qualitative effects.

Recently some clinicians have started prescribing Modafinil for the treatment of ADHD. The clinical literature on this indication of Modafinil is not yet clear, so you should not attempt to self-medicate your ADD/ADHD with Modalert.

Modvigil vs. Modalert

The million-dollar question: Modvigil vs. Modalert – what’s the difference?

The various advantages of using Modafinil have previously been mentioned. These advantages are available whether you take Modalert or Modvigil. Without a question. Both of these medications have very similar effects.

Because purchasing brand-name Modafinil in the form of Provigil is not an option for most users, the choice is essentially between two generic drugs: Modalert and Modvigil. These are arguably the two most popular products that people opt for when buying Modafinil online.

The basic conclusion is that smart medications affect people differently. Modalert may be preferred by some. Modvigil will provide greater outcomes for others. Chemically, there is no difference between the two medications. As a result, it is entirely dependent on the person.

What’s most important?

Both Modalert and Modvigil are fantastic!

Both of these generic Modafinil medications have the same advantages, such as:

  • Over 12 hours of intense “laser-like” concentration
  • improved cognition
  • Memory retention is improved.
  • Improved concentration,
  • Ability to work continuously for 12+ hours
  • Pulling an all-nighter is simple, and
  • Increased overall productivity.

These advantages are available regardless of the generic product you choose.

What are the distinctions, then?

A few have been observed by members of our team. Others may disagree, but we discovered this throughout our research.

Overall, we discovered that Modalert lasts a little longer than Modvigil. At least in our case. Modalert has a somewhat longer half-life and provides cognitive improvement for 12-14 hours. Modvigil usually lasts 10 to 12 hours. There is a minor difference, but it is scarcely obvious unless you have used both medications (as we have!).


Modvigil may be the greatest nootropic for you if you want to obtain a good night’s sleep. Modalert may be a better alternative if you want to work from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Modalert, in our view, is the strongest and most powerful version of generic Modafinil available. Overall, Modvigil does not seem to be as “powerful.” Although the difference is modest, we believe Modalert is 10-15% more powerful. Modalert’s Modafinil “high” is only a little bit stronger.

The pricing is another distinction between the two types of generic Modafinil.

Modvigil is the most affordable version of legal generic Modafinil available. The cost of Modalert is somewhat higher. Mind you, none of these are anywhere near to the price of Provigil. When comparing Modvigil to Modalert, you’ll undoubtedly save some money.

This is how we believe Modalert compares to Modvigil.

Modalert is more powerful and effective. Modvigil is less expensive, and since the half-life is shorter, you may fall asleep sooner.

Modalert is our favorite! There’s a reason it’s one of our top-rated nootropics.

Modalert Review Conclusion: What’s the verdict on Modalert?

While others may disagree, our research team believes Modalert is the most effective smart medication presently available. It’s our preferred brand of generic Modafinil and our go-to nootropic when we really need to get things done.

CEOs, students, and hustlers who want to beat the competition should take this smart medicine. You won’t be sorry you tried this nootropic since it simply works. Take 200 mg of this powerful smart drug and you’ll be more productive than you’ve ever been.

In other words, Modalert 200 is strongly recommended! We’ve tried this drug many times, and it is probably the single most popular version of Modafinil on the market today. There’s good reason for that: MODALERT WORKS!

Modalert 100 Tabs


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Where Is The Best Place To Get Modafinil in 2022?

Modalert 200 Modafinil

It can be difficult to know where to actually get Modafinil right now. In most jurisdictions, Modafinil is a prescription medication available only as Provigil (or Nuvigil if you are prescribed Armodafinil).

There's also the issue of untrustworthy vendors that take your money and deliver counterfeit or low quality product - or sometimes no product at all!

So where can you feel confident when buying Modafinil online without a prescription?

Modafinil XL is currently our top rated Modafinil vendor in the world, and is hands down the best place to buy Modafinil online.

We have ordered from these guys dozens of times now and each time they deliver top quality generic Modafinil brands within 3-4 days for an unbeatable price.

The benefits of ordering from over other merchants are:

  • Superior quality product than smaller vendors
  • Modafinil sourced from reputable generic pharamceutical labs
  • US-based company shipping internally for US customers
  • Market-beating prices for Modalert, Waklert, Artvigil, and other popular Modafinil brands
  • Offers chewable sublingual Modafinil tablets for convenience

The best thing about Modafinil XL - besides the priority US shipping from US-based facilities - is the price. Clicking the link below will take you to the site where you'll find as much as 50% off the leading Modafinil brands, as well as the offer of free, no obligation samples of Armodafinil and Modafinil.


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