Nefiracetam is a favorite among youngsters who want to do well in their studies. College students and young professionals all over the world are using Nefiracetam to boost productivity, improve performance and enhance learning.

Why is that?

It is a no-brainer as one of the most effective nootropics to improve learning, cognition, and memory. There are a variety of smart drugs on the market, but Nefiracetam offers advantages that are unique to it at affordable prices, which is no doubt why Nefiracetam is so popular among young people.

If you’re interested in knowing why this is the hottest trend in the world of nootropics check out this detailed Nefiracetam review. We’re going to go through the benefits of Nefiracetam, how to take Nefiracetam capsules, and whether Nefiracetam is the best racetam for you!

What is Nefiracetam?

Daiichi Pharmaceutical in Tokyo developed Nefiracetam in the 90s.

The most recent chemical compound was developed to help with anxiety, apart from being more well-known as an enhancer of the brain.

Nefiracetam (Dm-9384, N-(2, 6-dimethyl phenyl)-2-(2-oxopyrrolidine-1-yl)-acetamide) is a more potent derivative of Piracetam.

It is fat-soluble and was developed to treat patients suffering from cerebrovascular disorders. The clinical trials of phase II took place in the USA in 1999. The drug was utilized to treat cognitive conditions caused by stroke or abulia as well as dementia.

As a member of the racetam family, Nefiracetam has an pyrrolidone nucleus in its heart. The chemical composition is comparable to Aniracetam. Nefiracetam is frequently compared to Piracetam, which has the addition of a phenyl group as well as two methyl groups that are added into the amine.

Nefiracetam is classified as a cholinergic substance. It is akin to the actions of acetylcholine and thus alters the levels of acetylcholine in the brain. This is typical for racetams; the most effective racetams all increase acetylcholine activity in some way.

Nefiracetam Effects & Benefits

While it’s not a brand new racetam nootropic in the community however, it comes with a long list of advantages that can to compete with older and more well-known nootropics.

Increased memory. Memory loss can result from trauma to the brain or age. Nefiracetam aids in increasing the protein Kinase C (PKC) as well as CaM Kinase II levels that are essential for the formation of memory. The enhanced synaptic activities that occurs in NMDA as well as AMPA receptors has been proven to enhance memory and learning [RR.

Reduced anxiety. Upon consumption of Nefiracetam it is found to have an increase in the amount of PKS. This protein plays a significant role in controlling anxiety. Additional studies have revealed evidence that the drug helps to treat depression by activation of CaM Kinases.
Brain neurons provide protection. Some illnesses cause the unnatural loss of neurons in the brain. It could be due to Parkinson’sdisease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Huntington’s diseases. It could also be caused by a stroke or spinal cord injuries. Nefiracetam helps protect brain neurons by increasing Neuropeptide NGF (nerve growth factor) levels. The chemical plays a role in the healthful development of brain neurons as well as protecting the existing ones.

Reduced stress.A regular consumption of food increases neurotransmitters that are found in the brain. A boost in concentration can provide equilibrium and aids in managing anxiety and mood.

Nefiracetam benefits

Increased focus.The releases of the calming effects following the use of Nefiracetam helps patients become more focused. They say they have clearer thinking and faster thinking. They also report being able to communicate clearly.

Improved vision acuity.The supplement helps the mind to comprehend a wider range of vision. The surroundings appear more appealing to your eyes, and you feel more alert and active.
Nefiracetam reduces stress and improves cognition by enhancing the number of actions that are connected to the brain. This is the way it is done.

Neurotransmitters.Nefiracetam is like other GABAergics. It regulates GABA levels in order to decrease anxiety. In the same way the openings of calcium channels are extended to ensure the functioning of neurotransmitters, thus increasing memory.

Neuroprotection.As it regulates NMDA signals, the level of glutamate is also in balance. It functions similarly to galantamine, which regulates the glutamate levels, which are neurotransmitters that stimulate. Based on research, an excessive amount of it can cause damage to neurons.

Acetylcholine.This receptor increases releases of GABA and glutamate to provide an unwinding feeling. The activity can also improve memory and learning.

Dosage and How to Take Nefiracetam

There isn’t a perfect dosage that has been established as of yet. However, the majority of users consume between 150 and 450 mg daily.

It is recommended to consume the medication in three equal doses to determine the appropriate dose for each individual.

Some reports suggest that the effects begin to manifest within 30-60 minutes following the administration of oral medication.

Nefiracetam dosage

Dosage can be easily measured as it is available in 400-600 mg tablets and capsules. Certain vendors also offer powder forms. You may boost your dosage to 1,200 mg per day.

While taking the medication, ensure that you’ve consumed a healthy meal that contains fats. Another alternative is to consume it with a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil.

The most common reports are that the effects can occur within 7 days after taking Nefiracetam.

Nefiracetam Side Effects

Nefiracetam is a drug that has the same adverse consequences as other racetams. Most often they occur when you take high doses of nootropics that are pure.

A few of these adverse effects include:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Stomach problems
  • Dizziness
  • Nervousness

Of all Nefiracetam’s side effects, headaches are the most frequent. It happens when you do not take the use of a Choline supplement.

Based on research conducted in clinical trials on animals, there aren’t any adverse effects from prolonged use at the dose recommended.

Nefiracetam side effects

Based on studies, it could enhance the central nervous system depressant effects of certain drugs, such as Aclidinium.

We are not doctors and this is not medical advice. Do your own reserach before using Nefiracetam. If you experience any Nefiracetam side effects, stop using it immediately and seek medical attention.

Nefiracetam Experiences Shared on Reddit

Due to its increasing popularity, numerous users have posted their feedback regarding the supplement.

Let’s see how it performed its renowned role as an nootropic.

According to crogenroler:

“This is a personal favourite of mine. If I am using amphetamine and loosing some sleep, I tend to be a little out. Nefir helps me become calm and capable. I believe nefir is beneficial for people suffering from schizophrenia and related mental illnesses. Nefir can also improve my verbal fluency.”

As per crashrashh’s report:

“Normally when I’m studying I’d have to go back and read several times in order to completely memorize the information however with nefiracetam it’s so simple to store the information in my brain and be able to remember it without effort. I have found it not to be arousing and has a subtle impact on mind concentration and clarity, but when you combine it with study it makes it simple to comprehend all concepts and material without a lot of effort.”

If you’re interested in learning more about what other users have had to say, do an effort to research Nefiracetam users’ experiences.

Nefiracetam Stacks

The racetam family of nootropics frequently cause headaches. It could be due to the reduction in the levels of choline in the brain due to the nootropic.

It is recommended to take nootropic supplement stacks alongside racetams like Nefiracetam to ensure adequate levels of choline to prevent headaches.

The most popular stacks of Nefiracetam include Alpha GPC or CPD-Choline. Choline supplements can help improve Acetylcholine levels in the brain, thereby avoiding headaches and burnouts.

Where to Buy Nefiracetam Powder?

If you’re looking to get access to the new millennium smart drug Nefiracetam, you can purchase its capsule, powder tablets, or capsules from several reputable vendors. Our recommended vendor for all synthetic nootropics is

Buy Nefiracetam powder sells supplements that have been verified with certification of analysis.
They’ve been offering legitimate supplements of the highest standard and always strive to be the best in their service, serving their customers better.

Where to Buy Nefiractam Capsules?

As far as we can tell, it is not possible to buy ready made Nefiracetam capsules from any of the reputable vendors we typically recommend. If you wish to take nefiracetam as a capsule, you will have to make your own from loose powder.

Nefiracetam vs. Piracetam

Nefiracetam is an ancestor of Piracetam. With a similar pharmacological structure both have neuroprotective properties. It helps improve cognitive performance and also prevents damage to the brain.

It’s fat-soluble, while Piracetam is water-soluble, making it more able for it to regulate synaptic transmission that is inhibitory and excitatory.

These are other advantages that aren’t available to Piracetam. Nefiracetam facilitates the opening of calcium channels within neurons that are that are responsible for long-term memory. It also appears to boost protein kinase C alpha for long-term potentiation; something we do not see strongly with Piracetam. Finally, Nefiracetam strongly activates Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII) which is responsible for memory formation.

The benefits mentioned for memory enhancement of Nefiracetam is regarded to be a more powerful nootropic drug than Piracetam.

Nefiracetam vs. Aniracetam

Although Nefiracetam is an ancestor of Piracetam It is believed as being more powerful than Piracetam.

In terms of structural structure, Nefiracetam and Aniracetamare said to share a greater resemblance. Both are part of the racetam family , and are fat-soluble. The fat-soluble molecules are more powerful than water-soluble molecules. They are most effective by balancing brain chemicals to achieve improved cognitive performance.

A few users who have tried both supplements like Nefiracetam. While they don’t feel an immediately however, when the effects start to kick in they feel more enduring and they feel more comfortable.

It’s not a fast cure to treat memory loss. Studies show that it needs to be used for at least seven days before you notice any changes in cognitive function.

Others claim to are more focused after a couple of hours after using the medication.
The results vary for every person, but the fact is that it does wonders in the brain when compared to Aniracetam.

Conclusion: Should you use Nefiracetam?

Nefiracetam could be part of the racetam family , but it offers more benefits when in comparison to other racetams.

Nefiracetam is likely a better option than Piracetam for enhancing brain function which are affected by the stimulation of GABA glutamate, GABA, and Acetylcholine. These pathways all affect the development of memory that lasts for a long time, anxiety control, and infromation processing.

Further research is needed to determine its effectiveness, however, while it is readily available on the market, consumers particularly students and young professionals, are the main users of the supplement.

Neuro hackers utilize it to improve memory as well as focus and ability to learn. The original purpose of the supplement as an anti-memory loss supplement is now becoming replaced by many other benefits that are highly sought-after.

Because it’s fairly new, a plethora of research remains being conducted to find the most current information about the potential advantages of Nefiracetam, but the evidence so far appears promising.

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