What vitamins help memory and concentration

What vitamins are good for memory and concentration?

Memory and concentration together represent the bulk to the learning process. All of the best nootropics specifically target both focus and memory function for a very good reason – they’re vital to any cognitively demanding tasks.

Normally, people struggle with either one of these cognitive functions. Either they struggle with committing things to memory and retrieving them when necessary, or they find it hard to focus on one task for a prolonged period of time.

Either of these problems can severely inhibit your ability to learn new things. However, when they occur at the same time, the result can be disastrous; a complete loss of productivity, a rapid deterioration in work quality or grades, and all the anxiety that follows.

Struggling to concentrate while also failing to properly commit things to memory basically makes any cognitively demanding task impossible.

That’s why so many people turn to nootropics. This is not a bad strategy; high-quality, specialist memory supplements can dramatically improve memory retention and recall, while purpose-designed focus enhancers are far moe effective than stimulants at helping you concentrate.

But you don’t have to use comprehensive nootropic stacks to enhance memory and focus.

For most people, a simple vitamin and mineral supplement will make a huge difference to your ability to remember and concentrate on complicated, perhaps boring tasks.

Vitamin deficiencies can cripple brain functon and cognitive performance, yet people spend years operating at suboptimal levels without ever thinking to address their dietar deficits.

What is th best vitamin for the brain? What vitamins help with memory, learning and focus? What is the best supplement to improve memory?

I’ll now take you through the best vitamins for concentration and memory. Taking these natural supplements can makes a huge difference to your cognitive performance without exposing you to any real side effects risks (espcially those associated with the pharmaceutical-grade study drugs).

Best Vitamins For Memory and Concentration

Here are the best vitamins, mineral and natural supplements to take for enhancing memory and focus:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin E
  • Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA/EPA)
  • Bacopa monnieri

As you can see, this list is made up of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and herbal extracts.

I’ll now go through each of these in a little more detail.

Vitamin B12

Few people need convincing that B12 is an important supplement. Our natural diet is rich in B12, but today with the heavy industrial cleaning of vegetables and the state of both farmed cattle and fish food, B12 is not as pleantiful in our diets as it once was.

What few people realize is that B12 is a potent nootropic and a vital nutrient for proper brain function. B12 is involved in nerve cell functioning. A lack of B12 damages the myelin sheath that surrounds and protect nerves. Without this myelin sheath, nerves cease to function properly. Even mild B12 deficiency may affect the nervous system and the proper functioning of the brain, which leads to poor memory function, a lack of focus, and bran fog.

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9, also called folate, is one of the most important nutrients for supporting cognitive function and brain health. Most peolpe think B9 is folic acid. However, folic acid is a manufactured vitamin that is converted into B9 in the body.

In infancy, Vitamin B9 is essential for the formaiton of the brain. This is why pregnant women are given B9 supplements; it guarantees proper formation of the brain.In adulthood, B9 helps suppress levels of homocysteine, which causes inflammation, oxidative damage, and contributes to age-relatd cognitive decline.

Since the richest sources of B9 are leafy green vegetables, beans and nuts, most people in the developed world are deficient in folate. As such, supplementation is necessary.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1, also called thiamine, is a vital nutrient and an integral part of the Krebs Cycle; the series of cheical reactions which releases energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. A deficiency in Vitamin B1 can cause a severe and drastic drop in energy levels.This can manifest in the brain cells first, with a signiicant drop-off in memory function, concentration span, and cognitive performance.

It is actually quite easy to become deficient in B1. Chronic alcoholics are prescribed B1 because deficiencies can be so insidious yet so damaging, and heavy alcohol use seems to deplete B1 levels.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant. It is probably the single most important antioxidant for overall health and performance; that applies to brain health and cognitive performance.

Supplementing with Vitamin E is one of the best things you can do for promoting long term cognitive function. Studies have shown that Vitamin E protects brain cell halth and promotes good memory fuction into older age.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are not typically considered nootropics,but the are absoluely supplements you want to be taking if you want to enhance memory and concentration. In particular, the omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are astoundingly beneficial to both overall health and cognitive performance.

A huge proportion of thebrain’s physical gray matter is made up of DHA. This fatty acid accounts for about 10% of all fats in the brain, and it accounts for 90% of all omega 3 fatty acids in the brain. Few people consume enough DHA in their regular diets. This means your brain will not have thre raw materials it needs to repair and regenrate gray matter, leading to a steady decline in mental performance and brain health.

Studies have shown beyond doubt that supplementing with omega 3 fatty acids,especially DHA, improves multiple measures of mental performance, including memory, concentration, and learning.

Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is not a vitamin or a fatty acid, but it is worth including on this list because it is such a powerful memory enhancer.

Bacopa monnieri stimulates dendrite branching (also called dendritic arborization). In simple terms, Bacopa monnieri triggers a growth in the branches connecting your neurons. More connections between neurons means more raw brain power, which in turn means btter memory function and enhanced focus. Clinical trials have found that Bacopa monnieri supplementation is particularly effctive in older people with mild cognitive impairment and age-related memory loss.

Summary: What vitamins are good for memory?

Certain vitamins, minerals and fatty acids have been said to be good for memory and concentration. The long list of potential memory-boosters includes vitamins like Vitamin B12, herbal supplements such as Bacopa monnieri, and omega-3 fatty acids like DHA.

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