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Neuro 24 Review: Does this nootropic really work?

Neuro Motiv8 24 Review
Neuro 24 side effects

Product Name: Neuro 24

Product Description: Neuro 24 is a nootropic supplement sold primarily on Amazon. It claims to be a general nooropic promoting improved focus and memory.

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Neuro 24 is one of dozens of nootropics on Amazon using this same proprietary blend. While this and other products claim to be full of proven, effective nootropics, I think it is highly likely that Neuro 24 is 90% glutamine. Why else would you include a useless, inert, and very cheap amino acid in your nootropic and then lump all the ingredients together in one blend? Don’t waste your money on these cheap scam.

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Proprietary blend probably stuffed full of glutamine

Full of useless, unproven, cheap ingredients

No doses given


What Is Neuro 24?

Neuro 24 is a relatively new nootropic to come onto the market. Although it hasn’t been on sale for too long, it has managed to attract a lot of attention. There are plenty of Neuro 24 reviews on nootropics websites, and there’s lots of chatter about it on social media.

According to the manufacturer, Neuro 24 can:

  1. Increase focus and concentration
  2. Improve memory power

Hardly the most ambitious nootropic on the market! Does Neuro 24 really do all of these things? Does it really work? Is Neuro 24 safe? Are there better nootropics on offer right now? Read our detailed Neuro 24 review and find out! Or, to see our current top rated nootropic, read our review of Mind Lab Pro.

Neuro 24 ingredients

Let’s take a closer look at the Neuro 24 ingredients list:

Neuro 24 ingredients

In case that image of the label isn’t loading, here is a complete list of ingredients in the Neuro 24 formula:

  • Ginkgo biloba – DOSE UNKNOWN
  • L-Glutamine – DOSE UNKNOWN
  • Bacopa monnieri leaf – DOSE UNKNOWN
  • N-Acteyl-l-carnitine HCL – DOSE UNKNOWN
  • John’s Wort (3% hypericine) – DOSE UNKNOWN
  • DMAE Bitartrate – DOSE UNKNOWN
  • Green tea extract – DOSE UNKNOWN

Again, the first thing to note here is that Neuro 24 doesn’t give us any individual ingredient servings. The only reason manufacturers ever hide doses is to disguise the fact you’re being ripped off. All of the top selling nootropics today disclose their formulas in full. If they can do it – and make millions of dollars – so can everyone.

We’ll now go through each Neuro 24 ingredient one by one. For each ingredient, we’ll discuss what the substance is supposed to do, what the clinical data says about it, and whether we think it belongs in Neuro 24. We will discuss our opinion of the formula as a whole at the end.

Ginkgo biloba – DOSE UNKNOWN

Ginkgo biloba is a commonly used nootropic these days, and it is often added to daily nootropic stacks. Compounds in Ginkgo biloba increase cerebral circulation by simultaneously increasing blood viscosity and promoting vasodilation. This leads to greater oxygen and nutrient delivery to brain cells, which means enhanced cognition on all fronts.

However, to benefit from Ginkgo biloba, you need to take enough Gingko biloba; this typically means taking 50-75mg per day. We have no idea if we get that much in Neuro 24, but given the total serving size and the other ingredients in this nootropic, we doubt it!

L-Glutamine – DOSE UNKNOWN

Glutamine is one of the most ubiquitous amino acids in the human diet. Every tie you eat pasta, bread, chicken, nuts, or any protein rich food, you’re eating lots of glutamine; grams of the stuff! Consuming extra glutamine – especially just a few hundred milligrams – is absolutely pointless. The only thing it will do is support muscle growth by giving you extra calories and extra protein. Glutamine consumption has absolutely no effect on cognitive function whatsoever.

We’re pretty certain that Neuro 24 is using Glutamine as a filler; a cheap, inert ingredient used to bulk out the formula and allow the manufacturer to cut back on the more expensive ingredients. That is, after all, what proprietary blends are all about.

Bacopa monnieri Neuro 24

Bacopa monnieri leaf – DOSE UNKNOWN

Bacopa monnieri is one of our favorite natural nootropics. As countless studies have shown, Bacopa monnieri is an effective, reliable cognitive enhancer; just 8-12 weeks of Bacopa monnieri supplementation is enough to produce drastic improvements in memory retention and recall. The effects are particularly pronounced in older people with mild cognitive impairment, although young, healthy people do demonstrate better memory function after 12 weeks of Bacopa supplementation.

But as with everything else in Neuro 24, there’s a caveat. Bacopa monnieri has a minimum active dose. Assuming that you’re using a highly-bioavailable extract (rich in the active ingredients – Bacosides), you need a minimum of 150mg per day to see results. Many of the best nootropics provide 200-300mg per day. How much do we get from Neuro 24? Nobody knows! In any case, we’re dealing with a whole leaf extract. It’s therefore highly likely that you’ll be getting enough bacosides to make a difference.

N-Acteyl-l-carnitine HCL – DOSE UNKNOWN

Acetly-l-Carnitine, more commonly known as ALCAR, is an amino acid often used in sports supplements. It enhances athletic performance by improving mitochondrial efficiency. This means better energy metabolism. While this would theoretically have an effect on brain cell energy metabolism, no study has ever found ALCAR supplementation to have a measurable effect on cognition.

So why is it in Neuro 24? No idea! As ALCAR is cheap; minimum dose is 500mg with many supplements providing 750mg or more. We therefore suspect it might be acting as another filler ingredient in Neuro 24. It certainly isn’t here because it’s a potent nootropic!

St. John’s Wort (3% hypericine) – DOSE UNKNOWN

St. John’s Wort is widely used as an anti-anxiety supplement and natural anti-depressant. Yet despite its popularity as a natural anxiolytic, we don’t buy it. We have never seen compelling evidence that St. John’s Wort actually reduces stress or anxiety by any meaningful measure. The only studies showing benefits from St. John’s Wort rely on self-reporting, which means the placebo effect could be playing a major role. With so many effective natural anxiolytics to choose from, we suspect Neuro 24 have gone with this unproven ingredient because it is cheap.

St Johns Wort


DMAE is a cholinergic. This means it confers choline to the brain. Regular choline struggles to cross the blood-brain barrier, so if we want to raise acetylcholine, we need to utilize choline analogues like DMAE. There are many cholinergics to choose from, and of those, DMAE might be the worst in our opinion. It is extremely unreliable, with some users reporting effects that are far too strong and others reporting no effects at all. It is also far more side effect prone than the likes of CDP-Choline or Alpha-GPC, while delivering none of the side benefits associated with those substances.

A recurring theme with Neuro 24 seems to be the use of unproven, ineffective, or substandard ingredients.

Green tea extract – DOSE UNKNOWN

Green tea extract is shoved into just about every supplement you can think of these days, nootropics included. We have nothing against the use of green tea extracts as a way to raise your antioxidant profile, but green tea should not be considered a nootropic by any stretch of the imagination. Green tea extract really has no place in a modern, professional-quality nootropic supplement. Consuming green tea powder will not have a noticeable effect on any aspect of cognitive performance. Another pointless Neuro 24 ingredient!

Our verdict: Does Neuro 24 really work?

Does Neuro 24 actually work?

The straight answer to this question is no, Neuro 24 will not work as advertised.

The very fact that we don’t know exact dosages for each ingredient tells us everything we need to know about this nootropic. The only reason manufacturers ever use proprietary blends is to hide the fact they’re ripping you off, and we think that’s’ exactly what’s happening with Neuro 24.

Several of the Neuro 24 ingredients scream filler. Take Glutamine for example; this amino acid has no nootropic effects whatsoever. It is in practically everything you eat in large quantities. So why add it to a nootropic? The obvious answer to us is that glutamine is cheap – incredibly cheap actually.

You can use glutamine to bulk out 90% of your formula, drastically lowering costs, and then just use proprietary blends to trick people into thinking your nootropic is full of amazing nootropics.

Between ALCAR, green tea powder, and Glutamine, it looks to us as though almost all of the 750mg Neuro 24 blend is filler ingredient. The chances that you’re getting any decent servings of effective nootropics here are pretty slim.

Even if you were getting good servings, there isn’t much to get excited about. The Bacopa monnieri is just whole plant powder, St. John’s Wort is an unproven anxiolytic, and DMAE is used as a cholinergic. We explained above why these are serious issues.

If you are looking for a supplement to significantly improve cognitive performance, then unfortunately you’re looking in the wrong place. Neuro 24 looks like a complete rip-off to us!

Rather than wasting your money on obvious scams like this, we recommend sticking to professional-grade nootropic stacks which are totally transparent with their ingredients and doses. Our current top rated nootropic is a prime example.

That way you will know exactly what to expect from your brain supplement.

Neuro 24 side effects: Is it safe?

Is Neuro 24 safe? What are the main side effect risks?

We cannot accurately answer these questions since the manufacturer has failed to provide us with ingredient serving sizes. Side effect risks are always tied to serving sizes; 10mg of a substance might be safe, while 100mg is not (e.g. with caffeine). As such, all we can do here is guess.

Neuro 24 side effects

On the whole, Neuro 24 looks like a safe nootropic. The ingredients have a very low side effect risk profile. They have all been individually tested in robust clinical trials and none of them are thought to pose significant side effect risks or any long-term health risks.

While the lack of serving size information is a major issue, the 750mg total serving size, coupled with the relative safety of the Neuro 24 ingredients, means health risks are not a major issue with this nootropic.

That said, we do still view this brain supplement as unnecessarily risky. Why take a gamble with Neuro 24 – potentially risking side effects and wasting a lot of money – when you can use a nootropic with a completely transparent formula?

This is not medical advice and we are not doctors. You need to do your own research carefully before using Neuro 24 and if you have any concerns, it is vital that you talk to your regular family physician.

Neuro 24 review conclusion: Is it any good?

In our opinion, this is a very poor nootropic. Compared to the best brain supplements on sale right now, Neuro 24 looks like absolute garbage!

You should avoid proprietary blends anyway, but when they contain several obvious filler ingredients like Neuro 24 does, you should definitely stay well away!

We think it is highly likely that Neuro 24 is mostly just glutamine and ALCAR; two amino acids that have no cognitive-enhancing effects. We believe the manufacturer is using these ingredients as filler, then using proprietary blends to hide this from consumers.

Well, we’re not falling for it. All of the best-selling nootropics today reveal their formulas on the label. If they can do it, so can Neuro 24, yet they don’t.

In any case, the Neuro 24 formula is full of ineffective, unproven, substandard ingredients. Don’t waste your money on cheap nootropics like this!

If you want complete brain support and reliable cognitive enhancement, then use a high-quality, professional brain supplement which delivers complete brain optimization, value for money, and transparency.

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