Noopept megadose

Noopept Megadose: How much Noopept should you take?

You’ll probably be able to agree the fact that taking supplements several times more than the normal dosage can either result in the additional desired effect or cause the opposite, a negative effect.

Let’s take a look at the more positive side. What if a massive dose of Noopept nootropics allows you to enjoy certain advantages? A Noopept megadose can elevate your cognitive functionsand recreational experience.

What is Noopept and How Does it Work?

Noopept, also known as Omberacetam and GSV-111, is one of the popular nootropics similar to Piracetam. Noopept is so similar to Piracetam that the two are often conflated, although tehcnically speaking Noopept is not a racetam at all. The chemical name for Noopept is Phenylacetyl-l-prolylglycine ethyl ester.

When we talk about Noopept, we first need to talk about Piracetam.

Piracetam can improve memory and is extensively used to enhance cognitive functions. In contrast to Piracetam Noopept is not as psychostimulatory. Some users even say that, of the two nootropics, Noopept is 1000x more effective than Piracetam. Indeed, this is the reality of Noopept.

A clear distinction from the perspective of the user between Noopept and Piracetam is the dose required for the effects to be seen.

Noopept nootropic compound

Noopept is suggested to be used between 10 and 30 mg per day, which amounts to less than 10 percent of Piracetam dosages that are greater in grams, which is equivalent to 3-4 grams per day. Noopept is also much stronger than Aniracetam in terms of the dose needed to feel effects.

Furthermore, Noopept can positively alter the mental state of a person by providing a range of cognitive benefits. It functions as an enhancement of the brain after supplementation.

After taking Noopept nootropic, people experience increased mood, focus and memory, as well as learning and levels of energy.

So how does Noopept work?

The nootropic mentioned is derivative of cycloprolylglycine, which positively impacts neurotransmitter systems.

It improves the connections between neurons within the brain, and triggers signals that link thoughts and help focus.

Consuming a moderate Noopept dose activates neurotransmitters like serotonin (natural mood stabilizer) and dopamine (chemical messenger of happiness), and glutamate (signals cognition as well as memory).

It also increases another neurotransmitter, norepinephrine, which is a stress hormone that stimulates the brain’s ability to perform and boosts energy and focus.

Noopept is extensively used by professors, students as well as athletes and corporate professionals to increase their cognitive power.

As Noopept dosages differ between individuals and depends on the way it works in different users with high doses or in Noopept stacks.

How Noopept megadosing works

Studies have shown that the use of nootropics such as Noopept pills in massive doses is not known to cause severe side effects.

In contrast to other nootropics the Noopept daily dose can be between 10 and 30 mg, and most people take one day per week.

This dosage is the minimum that will allow a person to experience the benefits of improved cognitive function and overall well-being.

If people begin to recognize that 10 mg capsules aren’t enough or are less efficient for them this is the moment they start using Noopept in massive doses.

It is however not advised for those who are just beginning to begin using noopept in large doses. It is essential to test your tolerance for this nootropic with lower doses.

Try the minimum Noopept dose for two weeks to improve your cognitive abilities and , if you decide to give a massive dose of Noopept to try, be sure you consult with a physician and conduct further studies.

When you’re ready you can try megadosing as much as 100mg of Noopept two times a day to boost your senses mood, mood, and general cognitive.

Noopept Megadose Benefits and Effects

One of the main benefits of Noopept nootropic is that it allows users to utilize higher-order thinking. The literature and reports on the megadose of Noopept have no negative consequences.

In general, these are the effects of Noopept’s megadose:

  • Increased ability to learn
  • Improved overall cognitive functions
  • Focus and memory are improved
  • Positive mood promoting
  • Reflexes are enhanced and the perception

As with any other supplement the results you get may differ from other supplements. Nootropics are a personalized form of smart drugs. Not everyone has the same level of sensitivity.


These are the specific areas that our review team found improved significantly while megadosing Noopept nootropics:

  • Intelligence (analytical and computational reasoning)
  • Motivation and drive (self-confidence as well as energy levels)
  • Expression of thoughts and verbal fluency
  • Innovative thinking
  • Concentration and focus
  • Perception of visual (colors and distinct characteristics)
  • Anxiety and stress, particularly in social situations
  • Depression symptoms and negative thoughts
  • Understanding of philosophical concepts
  • Reactions to music that trigger emotions

In the meantime, you should be aware of the potential side consequences if you decide to boost the amount of Noopept intake.

Possible Side Effects of Noopept Megadoses

Nootropics like Noopept are considered to be non-toxic in contrast to Piracetam nootropic, which causes dry mouthand sleep disturbance dizziness, diarrhea, anxiety, headaches, and weight gain.

Noopept megadose side effects

If Noopept is used in a dose greater than the usual dose, the risks could increase, but there were no adverse effects reported.

  1. Brain fog in doses greater than 100 mg per day
  2. Memory loss in the short-term
  3. Headaches and nausea
  4. Numbness in the emotions
  5. Feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted following the use
  6. Limitation in effectiveness due to increased tolerance to a higher dose

It is recommended to carefully look over the extensive list of benefits and potential risks of making use of Noopept nootropics with these benefits.

Noopept Mega Dose Reviews on Reddit

For more suggestions about the possibilities of what you could encounter Here are the stories or tales that have been shared by the Noopept community. Noopept members on Reddit.

Some users have reported that as they’ve increased their consumption of Noopept they’ve felt the need to work.

Many of them shared similar stories about how they were attentive throughout the entire time and were amazed at that their job became effortless.

Here’s the things they have to say.

According to LooksDelicious:

I am feeling much better than I did yesterday , and am back to my usual self. When I woke up this morning I felt like total rubbish as if I consumed a dozen or more alcoholic drinks. I’m hoping that someone has had an experience that is better of high-dose Noopept than I did… It is my opinion that “”I would not recommend the same thing as you did.

Based on the tackybastard website:

I am finding a massive dose (150mg up to 200 mg) to be extremely stimulating in a clear and relaxing manner. It’s like a second-day LSD experience, where you simply feel more positive and different.

According to TheCrawlingKingSnake:

Dude this is insane. I also decided today to test a massive dose regimen using my year old Noopept I own. I found the bag from last year and thought about what I could do with it. I created a few 50-70mg capsules , and then I took one and then went to work. I’m feeling like I’ve got an extra boost of energy, and perhaps speaking a bit more smoothly however it could also be a result of a placebo.

Noopept Megadose Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After the benefits, consequences and potential experiences have been described, the next are the duration and amount of using Nooppet in greater quantities.

How Much Noopept to Take When Megadosing?

Megadosing Noopept can vary from 100mg and 200mg. Many claim to have taken up to 300 mg three times per day, however, this is a lot and may be harmful to your health.

Begin with the minimum amount , and gradually increase the consumption each day until you’ve found your ideal tolerance level.

Most people who take Noopept as high as 100mg twice every day will give you the desired effect.

Studies have shown that in order to trigger the overdose Noopept must be taken at a rate of 20-50 times the recommended amount.

Based on Reddit reports It’s not advised to take a huge dose every day since its effectiveness is likely to decrease in the long run.

Because Noopept is water-soluble you can apply it sublingually, by placing it under your tongue, allowing it to dissolve. drinking it with water or by using Noopept inhaler. If taking sublingual Noopept, or if using a Noopept nasal spray, it is important to alter the dosage you take accordingly.

How Long Can I Take Noopept?

The majority of people use Noopept and suggest taking breaks on weekends. They say it is effective when it is used for five consecutive days and then a break for two days.

Additionally, a week of rest each month will ensure that the effectiveness will decrease.

A massive dose is thought to be optimal when taken only once every week, for no more than one day.

This practice is not recommended without consulting an expert doctor or medical professional prior to a massive dose consumption.

Conclusion: Should you take a megadose of Noopept?

Nootropics, such as Noopept is potent and has been proven to be beneficial. It is certain that the significant benefits it offers to the majority people who use it, including enhanced cognitive function, improved mood, and overall well-being.

While there is a lengthy list of irresistible advantages of megadosing Noopept but taking a risk could not be a good idea in the long term.

There are risks and they differ for each individual. This is why it’s advisable to seek medical advice prior to taking massive doses of Noopept.

Since one cannot be ready for the adverse consequences, if any, it is best to conduct extensive research about the possibilities of experiences that could happen to you while taking a megadose of Noopept.

Additionally, the price should be considered. Finding the most effective Noopept brand can have a major impact on your budget and overall experience when megadosing Noopept.

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